TechFit Training Concept draws on international expertise in professional playing and training to offer dynamic, high-tempo workout sessions focused on technique, fitness, and holistic player development. All our training programs are tailored to individual players' goals by TechFit. As a newly enrolled member of the program, you will take part in an initial one-on-one assessment session before receiving an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that helps us identify which bespoke program is most suitable for your needs.


  • IDP

    TechFit aims to ensure that you maximize your training experience before embarking on your journey. Whether you aspire to become a professional athlete or wish to enhance body control in an enjoyable learning atmosphere, the IDP session can guide you toward reaching your desired objectives. It will act as the foundation of personalized workout plans designed for you. Once completed, the session shall furnish an individualized development strategy and relevant homework assignments. For current Techfit patrons wanting these sessions, they are available by appointment only and are voluntary.


    Our skilled trainers provide exclusive one-on-one soccer training that comprehensively covers all aspects of the game, ensuring we offer nothing but the best. Our experienced trainers provide personalized coaching sessions that cater specifically to individual needs and goals, ensuring maximum development in areas such as dribbling, shooting accuracy, passing technique and tactical awareness. With a focus on building confidence and developing teamwork abilities while fostering a love for the game itself - our goal is simple: To create well-rounded players who have what it takes to succeed both on the field and off!

  • paired training

    Our paired training service is designed for two players to train together with the guidance of a single trainer. This program allows teammates, siblings, or friends who share similar abilities and goals in their soccer journey to receive customized coaching while benefiting from each other's presence on the field. By working in pairs, athletes can engage more enthusiastically throughout practices as they challenge one another during drills that improve technical skills such as 1 vs. 1, passing, and shooting accuracy. Our trainers are equipped with personalized sessions tailored towards improving both players’ strengths whilst addressing areas where improvement may be required, thus enhancing team playability promptly - giving our clients complete satisfaction at all times!

  • Group

    Our group soccer training service is designed to help players develop their skills, teamwork, and fitness. The sessions are led by experienced coaches who work with small groups of like-minded individuals that share the same passion for the sport. We focus on providing a fun and dynamic learning environment where participants can push themselves beyond their limits while receiving personalized attention from our trainers. We aim to enhance players' confidence, technical abilities, tactical awareness, and physical conditioning. Whether you're an aspiring professional athlete looking to take your game to the next level or just someone interested in staying fit while enjoying healthy competition among friends - we've got something for everyone!

  • Consulation

    Apart from receiving training, you may occasionally find it necessary to reconsider your objectives or seek valuable advice on the optimal paths to take in order to advance further in your development and achieve your desired outcome. TechFit provides exceptional expertise regarding soccer growth at both a local and global level, gained through personal and professional experiences of their trainers.
    Charged per quarter hour