TechFit Soccer School was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision, and a ceaseless commitment to making soccer fun and accessible. Since the start of TechFit in 2018, we've had the opportunity to help countless players acquire foundational skills, develop a deeper understanding of the game and themselves as players, and confidently move forward in their learning journey. In addition, TechFit is proud to announce that we are able to give selected players the unique opportunity to train abroad at some of Europe's top youth academies through our network of international affiliations, creating a pro pathway for our future stars.

​Our founder, Chris Harris, has made this possible by establishing relationships internationally during his playing days, which today are professional international partners of TechFit. These valuable collaborations provide young talent pathways to obtain unique experiences and hopefully be a fundamental part of their journeys in soccer, whether in college, professional, playing at a higher level, or simply experiencing something new.



The birth of TechFit Soccer School arose from an unwavering passion, a collective vision and steadfast dedication to impart joy in soccer while providing easy access. Ever since its establishment in 2018, we have facilitated the acquisition of fundamental skills by numerous players and fostered a comprehensive comprehension of both game dynamics as well as self-actualization towards leadership qualities paving their educational path ahead. Furthermore, it is with great pride that through our International affiliations network we are delighted at equipping selected talents with exceptional chances for training abroad within Europe's acclaimed youth academies creating pro pathways for emerging stars.

Pro Evolution FC facilitated this achievement through its global relationships developed during the player's career, which have since evolved into professional partnerships with TechFit. These strategic alliances unlock opportunities for emerging talent to gain unparalleled experiences and potentially play a critical role in their football trajectory - whether pursuing higher education or reaching new heights as professionals.

Gothia Cup


Swedish soccer is one of TechFit’s special areas of expertise. Chris Harris finished his professional playing career in Sweden, a place he came to call home. This summer, Chris Harris & TechFit is bringing three teams to his former stomping grounds to get the real European soccer experience.

The teams will start their journey by participating in Gothia Cup, Gothenburg. The following week will be in Stockholm, where the teams will play friendly games against local top youth academy teams and explore the beautiful city in their off-time.

July 16th-23rd (Gothia Cup, Gothenburg)

July 24th-30th (Stockholm)

meet andrej

  • 66ac3e_5e5e213fd09e41f4b34e9c78adfcfdae_mv2

    Andrej Kostolansky

    Slovakian National Team Goalkeeper Coach

    Andrej Kostolansky is an experienced UEFA Pro licensed goalkeeper coach who works with the Slovakia National Team and trainer for many Gk's throughout Europe including keepers who compete in England's BarclayPremier League.

    Professional Goalkeepers Camp by Andrej Kostolansky

past tours


Celta de Vigo Camp (Bay Area)

This Bay Area branch of the Celta de Vigo program offers the most authentic soccer camp experience guaranteed!

With the help of professional Celta Academy coaches and quality Celta Vigo training, TechFit sets itself apart from its competitors.


Celta de Vigo Tour (Vigo, Spain)

This training camp will take place at the training centre of RC Celta 'A Madroa'.

Where TechFit players who move on will be trained by Celta Vigo academy coaches, play in a jamboree against European academies in both Spain and Portugal, and much more!

(Invitation Only)


Celta de Vigo Academy Training

TechFit and its partners will select players who have what it takes to go to the next level to train with the "REAL" Celta de Vigo academy as part of a pro pathway. 2 players per age limit


The Celta Academy Residency Team

The Celta Academy Residency Program gives Foreign players a chance to be part of a La Liga club having real league play on a Celta Academy team. This is an exclusive and selective opportunity brought to you by TechFit Soccer and its partners. (No guarantee on going pro but we provide the opportunity)


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