ODP Newsletter

Congratulations to the 20 players who have been selected for the Olympic Development Team (ODP) after being actively involved in TechFit Soccer! These individuals have shown great talent and dedication, and their hard work has paid off. They are:

  1. Kelly Wu
  2. Rodrigo Sandoval
  3. Gabriel Diaz Lopez
  4. Ryon Griego
  5. Lalo
  6. Thiago Trissel
  7. Jason Wu
  8. Christian Trellis
  9. Emerson Ellis
  10. Isaac Boniak
  11. Ben Brasfield
  12. Sebastian Vigil
  13. Zaiden Corzo
  14. Jordan Carrión
  15. Ezra Guyette
  16. Daniel Hernandez
  17. Jalen Norris
  18. Quentin Scordella
  19. Rohan Murray
  20. Camden Gartner

It is important to note that while these players have made it onto the ODP team, we must recognize that there were others who also possess great skills but unfortunately did not make it this time around. We acknowledge that some talented individuals may have slipped through the cracks during the selection process.

TechFit Soccer remains committed to developing players and providing them with the best opportunities possible to succeed in their soccer careers. Our goal is to assist players in finding their pathways and reaching their full potential.

We extend our congratulations once again to these 20 players and wish them all the best in their future endeavors with the Olympic Development Team.

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